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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11204300481537813441807120Bradley R DavisSturt2020/2021West End One Day Cup1 1West Torrens
21204300481537813441845120Bradley R DavisSturt2020/2021West End Mens 1st Grade1 1West Torrens
381830871153781344184581Corey KellySturt2020/2021West End Mens 1st Grade1 1West Torrens
481830871153781344180781Corey KellySturt2020/2021West End One Day Cup1 1West Torrens
568890642153781345657668Shane D RaphaelSturt2020/2021Under 16 Red1 1West Torrens
666837402153781345657666Seb MacmahonSturt2020/2021Under 16 Red1 1West Torrens
763999720153781344198463*Reghard ElsSturt2020/2021West End Mens 2nd Grade1 1West Torrens
858428693153781344180758*Zyggy KuleszaSturt2020/2021West End One Day Cup1 1West Torrens
958428693153781344184558*Zyggy KuleszaSturt2020/2021West End Mens 1st Grade1 1West Torrens
1058986659153781345198958*Zac GoodwinSturt2020/2021West End Mens 4th Grade1 1West Torrens
1156779111153781345665156Hugo J HiggsSturt2020/2021Under 16 White1 1West Torrens
12502102765153781345665150Edward WeeksSturt2020/2021Under 16 White1 1West Torrens
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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